You buy and we ship - Cargo

Sending large or small goods for the trader and / or the individual, is our business.
You know, like you're in business or on holiday in Bali and what looks nice in differential stores.
Well, maybe too big for the plane to take or too little for themself to fill a container but you Would have liked to Netherlands.
Then you Often Difficult and expensive to get something sent to all the fuss around it like: do I handle it, how to get it wrapped, Which regulates the papers, how to get the clearance in london, tax payments etc etc.
And there you are a trader and as a private not really waiting.

What we do
We are a renowned family business for over 10 years working in this industry and many businesses and Individual purchase and arrange transportation from Bali to the Netherlands.
We ship all big or small whethere What we do and what can we do for you
- You want to contact us
- You buy the goods
- We get the Purchased goods
- We pack the goods CAREFULLY
- We arrange all documents
- We take care of the shipping
- We arrange customs clearance in Rotterdam
- We provide all financial payments
- We calculate below 1m3 goods 25,- exta money for handle
 - You CAN buy your goods at our warehouse in breda pickup or home delivery at a very low rate

We calculate the goods cubieke meters after it is caught.
About Which You Must Pay cubieke meters so you pay only for what you Intended, and no whining about at least one so-called M3 or post Additional cost.

The total cost Eventually Will be Determined as follows:
- A property or M3 250, - Euro
- VAT on goods Purchased
- Any Import Duties

The cost per meter cubieke 250, - euros, plus VAT on goods and Purchased Any Duties.

We are the cheapest in Bali with the cargo


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