You also likes the cozy warm oriental atmosphere? Now bring that atmosphere in your home with furniture and decoration style of Bali.

Unique furniture made with an authentic look of old recycled teak. Most of our furniture are made from recycled old teak, and have a beautiful weathered look. Each cabinet has a beautiful and unique character, the old teak furniture which they are made. Thus they fit well into a sleek interior with full stainless steel and glass, but also in an old-fashioned farmers decorated with traditional furniture.
In terms of maintenance, these furniture is perfect. You do not treat furniture. If you mess or spills, simply wipe with a damp cloth is all. Should it be that it has withdrawn one day, grab some sandpaper and the stain is gone. The best result one gets over the years by regularly with soap green soap, mainly in the leaf tables, wipe. The greasy soap and fatty teak gets the magazine and lived a very beautiful and natural look! 

This furniture by us under the Bali style tag collection sold. Whatever you think of it is there, from masks to beautiful antique dining table and sideboard to be extracted or dishes and clothes. We try here to give an impression as if we can deliver. Of course not everything fits on one site and is not something you are looking for, please contact us. Or come take a look at one of our outlets in Bali or in the Netherlands. See the contact page for shop adres.

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