Humidity, temperature and lightWood shaving by Taya83
It is, especially in homes with central heating, important to make sure that the humidity in your home to a constant level around 60% remains. This can be measured with a hygrometer so. The humidity in your house can be maintained, for example, water containers (for central heating) or using a humidifier. A constant temperature is very important. The temperature in your house 21 degrees Celsius during the day, make sure that the night temperature never drops more than 14 degrees Celsius. Especially in winter, extremes of temperature can lead to "work" of the wood. By the action of light, furniture will fade. Place the furniture never in full sun.

Teak is a tropical hard wood. Variations in color, size and performance are among the charm of the product, because they are made largely by hand. Also wind burst to give the wood its natural appearance. Teak is a "living? material that reacts to external influences (such as a dry environment, eg from a central heating installation.) This allows crazing, cracking and color changes. However, this is a natural process by which the occurrence or a special manufacture gingsproced? Or by a careful selection of the wood or by a special treatment could be prevented (in this case you can not claim warranty). It is a feature that distinguishes teak furniture with which each is a unique specimen. We work mainly with old teak

Teak is easily maintained. You can leave your teak furniture untreated. Chances are, or that stains penetrate the wood. If tea or red wine is spilled or grease are made, it is important to remove it quickly with a wet cloth. Is it the stain penetrated, you can try removing the stain with lukewarm water with soap or soda. Stubborn stains such as burns, you sanding with fine sandpaper. Always in the grain of the wood sanding!

Blank Wood
Wood without varnish, paint or impregnation is very sensitive to staining. The absence of a protective layer, moisture is relatively quick withdrawal. Choose as barns with ingrained stains need for sandpaper as fine as possible. Soda, soap and ammonia cause stains on bare wood. Is there anyway some of these substances on your furniture correctly, you should put it stains as soon as possible and reduce nabetten with vinegar.

Rotan (rattan)
Rattan is a very resilient natural product, with shades of color may occur. The most common species of rattan are: pulut, maneuver and wicker. It is used in several ways: the stems are hand woven, nailed, bent, inserted and glued. Rattan is often finished with a paint or lacquer. It goes without saying that rattan is more fragile than solid wood for example. Do so with care so that the material does not break. For the maintenance of sufficient cane dust regularly and once a month with a damp cloth. Use the latest clean water and especially no detergents. Just as wood can rattan color. Place rattan furniture therefore not in full daylight or close to a heat source.

Seagrass, water hyacinth and banana leaf
These plants are dried, these threads are created and they are further processed into furniture including chairs. The material is quite strong but the ornamental value is higher than the constructive value. The lifespan is considerably shorter than that of wooden and rattan chairs and therefore can not! be used as outdoor furniture.

Bamboo is a pretty solid grass furniture etc many of which are made. The furniture is original and add an exotic touch to your home or garden. Their modern yet timeless design, keep your furniture real trendy. They are true natural products and may well be used outdoors but also indoors. The manufacture of bamboo furniture is mostly handicrafts and therefore not dimensionally stable. The price, quality and durability of this furniture is very favorable.

This pure natural products, both outdoors and indoors use. Normally it is sufficient if you clean the furniture with a damp cloth. Furniture used outdoors but prefer you put in during the winter or during heavy rainfall. Bamboo furniture weather are constantly having to suffer a lot and can go rot occur. Check regularly for outdoor furniture including wood rot and mold.

Put your garden furniture preferably on a patio instead of a wet lawn. It avoids prolonged exposure to moisture. You can put to regular inoli? N, so they repel moisture. Usually bamboo lacquered furniture. Shows the bamboo wear areas, you can layer it with a yacht varnish or special bamboelak recover. Bamboo furniture can be provided the necessary attention and care will last long.

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