Also make your garden an oriental touch to please contact us for images and oriental decoratie. We have a large collection and try it up to you at short notice on the present site. You can also look at bali-style shops which has a good collection of state. and is not listed what you're looking for you can also order it.

A few points to note
What matters to you is that you live in a climate where it freezes and there are not as good against all types of stone.
Below the product info is all out. We have many pictures but also ornaments and pots. We also have a large collection of water features in all shapes and sizes.

Product info
Lombok Stone: dark yellow coarse stone, solid with no weak spots and frost resistant.
Limestone: light yellow fine stone, strength and frost resistant.
Sand Stone: fine gray stone, soft and not frost resistant.
Greenstone: green stone is rough, tough and moderately frost resistant.
Lava Stone: gray and sometimes pinkish stone, hard and frost resistant.
Blackstone: little black porous stone, hard and frost resistant.
Granite: black / gray stone, hard and frost resistant.
Casting: gray cement / concrete, hard and frost resistant.

Often you will see an image, such as black, but you do not think a black stone statue buy, because it can be of other material. Almost all concrete sculptures are made with black paint, but lava stone sculptures are often colored to a nice old look to get. This will be done with chemicals and is a lengthy process.

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